About Justina

I am an experienced groomer that has been in the grooming business for over 16 years. Having worked in 4 different shops has taught me a lot. I have been a manager for most of my grooming career and was able to help establish a successful grooming shop from scratch. I love my home business now as I am a mother of 4 and love to work at home to eliminate the travel time and make my own hours. I have all the equipment that a shop would have necessary for a quality complete groom with extras that a shop may provide as well.

I find the dogs love it at my house as it is not as loud or chaotic as a shop, so they are less stressed when getting groomed.  I have a lot of experience doing dogs that are “unfriendly” but they become easier to do with the quiet atmosphere of my home. If the owners are ok with their dog playing on the floor, sometimes they may get to play there with other dogs or just relax.