Dog grooming services

Justina’s Dog Grooming offers many services and packages to help your furry friend look and feel like Top Dog.

Dogs should get groomed for their health as well as their looks. Maintenance is important to a dogs health so he/she does not get matted, bugs, sores or just smells. Matting can be very serious if left for a long time the dog can not stay warm with the lack of air insulation and really tight matts can cut off circulation altogether. There have been extreme cases of amputation.

I take pride in my work so Quality is very important to me and I love to make the dogs look as beautiful as I can with keeping their well being in mind.


Nail Trimming$14
Nail Trimming and Grinding$14


Ears Cleaned$6
Ears Plucked and Cleaned Together$6


Face Trim
(beard, moustache and eye corners)
Head Trim
(whole head )



Teeth Cleaning
(brushing of the teeth and breath spray)



Anal Gland Expression$9

Packages take the guess work out and combine services for you at a special rate.

Please Note:

• All dogs need to be bathed to get the best result. I need to fluff up the hair to make even cuts and it is easier to work on clean hair; therefore, although I will accommodate dogs who do not want baths, they will be the same price.

• All dog coming in for grooming must be up to date on their vaccinations.